Coronavirus current status

We are open!

Our operating hours will be from 6am to 10pm each day as before.

As you will expect due to the coronavirus pandemic there will be changes in some of our procedures. Please see these below:

Procedure for attending the gym

Only attend if you and your household are Covid-19 and symptom free

  •   As you enter the building you must sign in and use the hand gel provided. This will be monitored via our corridor CCTV system.
  •   It is advised to come to the facility ‘gym ready’. The only changing should be into clean, gym only footwear. Shower use should only be if absolutely essential.
  •  The maximum in each room will be 3 persons at any one time. If there are 3 people in a room please go to another room.
  •  The gym equipment is now spaced in the first classroom on the right, and the gym room. The fitness room is available for mat, gym ball, and  moveable gym equipment use.
  •   Use the hand sanitiser provided before entering any room.
  •   Any equipment used must be wiped down with the sanitising gym wipes provided.
  •   Always maintain social distancing of one metre or more, from other gym and facility users.
  •   Under no circumstances is any piece of gym machinery to be removed from the rooms they are placed in, excluding dumbbells, kettlebells and moveable free weight equipment.
  •   If the toilet or shower is used, a cloth and spray is provided for wiping all contact points after use.
  •  Once your workout is completed please vacate the premises promptly.
  •   Please note the signage around special Covid -19 procedures throughout the building.

If you would like to join the gym please get in touch and we will get you started.

Outdoor Fitness Classes
We are running a number of outdoor fitness classes.  Please visit the ‘Fitness Classes’ page for more information.
Indoor classes including other fitness classes, children’s activities and Learning Curve classes
Learning Curve Art classes and French classes are starting in September as is Moodbooster sessions. Please visit our Events page for more details.
Currently the government is not allowing soft play activities to resume – if there are any changes to that we will update those concerned.